Last September 21-22, MMNHS celebrated Science Month through a program headed by the Science organization SciCAT following the there, “Key to Survival: Restoration Rather than Destruction, Science is a way of Life”.Prior to the event, students were divided into four groups – Volcanics, Pyroclasts, Thunderheads, and Hydrolics. Each group participated in different contests like Robotic Dance, Jingle Making, Sci Quiz, and TKO (Total KnockOut ) Game.

The highlight of the event was held during the night.  163 student campers competed for different  categories such as making their group’s flag, yell, TugSayAwit,  and Bb at G. Kalikasan. The second day activities includes Quiapo River Clean-Up Drive, Collage Making, Poster Making, Sand Fantasy and games such Mud Tug-of-war, Basketball Ek-ek, Get That Ball, Basaan and others.

Students’ reactions were overwhelming and said that they will join next year’s camp.